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          New York, 02/10/2010

          Gioli, Fruhauf e Tscherkassky al New York Film Festival

          ore 12:00: Lincoln Center, 



          Views from the Avant-Garde

          For its 14th year, Views offers an expanded edition, presenting four nights of New York and world premieres from the frontiers of innovative moving image making. Highlights include Robert Beavers’s The Suppliant, James Benning’s Ruhr, Nathaniel Dorsky’s Pastourelle, a restoration of Manoel de Oliveira’s Rite of Spring, and Phil Solomon’s three-screen American Falls. Also expect new work by Thom Andersen, Ute Aurand, Stephanie Barber, Mati Diop, David Gatten, Janie Geiser, Lewis Klahr, Dani Leventhal, Jeanne Liotta, Matt McCormick, Tomonari Nishikawa, Michael Robinson, Fern Silva, Deborah Stratman, Peter Tscherkassky and many others, plus nightly special Furman Gallery projection performances by Paul Clipson and Bruce McClure.

          Saturday October 2

          Mirror of Shadow and Cinders

          Photofinish Figures (Il finish delle figure) Paolo Gioli, Italy, 2009, 9.12m.
          A Thousand Julys Lewis Klahr, USA, 2010, 6:30m.
          Marie Karen Yasinsky, USA, 2010, 6m.
          Dissonant Manon de Boer, Netherlands/Belgium, 11m.
          Ape of Nature Peggy Ahwesh, USA, 2010, 24m. double-screen version
          The Soul of Things Dominck Angerame, USA, 2010, 15m.
          Destination Final Philip Widmann, Germany, 2010 9m.
          Valleys of Fear Erin Espelie, USA, 2010, 22m.
          SHU (Blue Hour Lullaby) Philipp Lachenmann, Germany, 2008, 12m.
          Total running time: 113m.

          Sat Oct 2: 12:00

          Sunday October 3

          Fatal Attractions: An Introduction to Black and White Magic

          These Blaezing Starrs Deborah Stratman, USA, 2010, 14.4m.
          Tranquility Sigfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 2010, 6.30m.
          To AnotherJosh Mabe, USA, 2010, 48sec.
          Sugar Slim Says Lewis Klahr, USA, 2010, 7m.
          Sorry Luther Price, USA, 2010, 14m.
          Shutter Alexi Manis, Canada, 2009, 7m.
          The Floor of the World Janie Geiser, USA, 2010, 9m.
          Toads Milena Gierke, Germany, 1997/2008, 6m.
          Pigs Pawel Wojtasik, U.S., 2010, 7.45m.
          Shadow Cut Martin Arnold, Austria, 2010, 4m.
          Coming Attractions Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2010, 23.40m.
          Total running time: 106.5m
          Sun Oct 3: 8:30


          The 48th New York Film Festival